How it works?

With the arrival of summer, many of us go on holiday or we spend some days or weeks in hotels or holiday establishments.

But, any minimum incident can make the difference between holidays to remember or holidays to forget.

Who has not been through one of these situations? you are staying in a hotel in which air conditioning does not work and maintenance service does not come to fix it, or you have to suffer an insect infestation due to a poor or non-existent fumigation.

This is more common than we think, but it is even more common the difficulties we face with the reception when we want to make a complaint. Unfortunately, the solutions are deficient, the answer use to be “we will solve the problem”, then we leave the establishment, but the problem is still there.

To help you with these situations we have created “Tell Me Trip”. Thanks to this web application, not only all of your incidents will be registered but also you can see if the administration has resolved the problem.

By the use of it, you directly can contact with the reception of the establishment in which you stayed using a chat you will find in your user profile. Even, you can send a photo of the incident.

However, if maintenance service or reception ignores the incident, the guest has the right to make a complaint in the application in view of all users.

It will give guidance to the rest of the guests about how the customer service is and the efficiency of the establishment resolving problems.

Nevertheless, everything is not disadvantages for holiday establishments, for them it is a way to seek solutions to incidents in order to improve current and future guest experiences.

The reception can also take part in the direct chat with the guest for trying to answer their doubts.

If incident solutions are fast and effective, the establishment rating will be more positive, and known by the rest of users.

If you are a traveller, you only have to register in our web and start to enjoying your trips.

If you are a holiday establishment and you do not have access to your account yet, do not doubt to make contact with us by clicking here.